At Aya Paper Co., we believe that being good to people and being good to the planet go hand in hand. We define sustainability as a way of doing things that sustains the earth and its resources, rather than depleting them. Read below to learn more about how we apply these values to our daily operations.

Low Waste Packaging

  • We never use plastic in our packaging.
  • All packaging is curbside recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable.  

Carbon Offset Shipping

  • For every order we receive, a portion of our revenue goes to scientist-vetted carbon removal companies.
  • Any extra funds go toward the further development of carbon removal technologies.

Design with the life cycle in mind.

  • Only produce the amount of products that will be consumed, to reduce seasonal waste. 
  • Create products that people want to keep and cherish to disrupt culture of waste.


Responsibly sourced materials

  • All paper is made from 100% recycled content, FSC® Certified and Green-e Certified, manufactured with 100% renewable green energy, and processed without chlorine

Local manufacturing

  • Producing our items locally means we reduce any carbon emissions associated with freight shipping from far away

Giving back to the community

  • Invest in actions that strengthen and sustain local, national, and international communities, with a focus on Black folks. 
  • Educate our audience on how to live more sustainably

Constantly improving

We are committed to continuously improving our sustainable practices. Here are some of the things we’re working toward:

  • B Corp Certification
  • Work with vendors to ensure all incoming packages are also plastic free
  • Increase capacity for Education projects to make information about environmental racism and sustainable accessible to black communities