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Five Stars

Love this stationery the paper quality is great and works well with my wax stamp.

Sweet, meaningful and not insulting

I bought two identical cards for my husband to send to his family. He was running out of clever, but rude things to say to his Grand kids and his way too sensitive Sister. The cards were becoming not clever, just rude. ( it will be interesting to hear what she finds to be offended by in these cards) I too, was getting bored with the trite and insincere messages on the 'un- insulting' cards. As we are not Religious, the Religious cards were becoming obnoxiously ubiquitous. These were just sincere and to the point. I am pleased. We'll see what "Sis' has to say.

Amazing gift to corporate sponsors

This was the perfect gift to some sponsors of my company’s most recent event for Maternal Health Awareness Day ! Aya always has the perfect touch

Hasn’t arrived yet

I don’t have it. I hope you sent it to me and not to Becky McCadden. I filled out the form incorrectly. But I was assured a day or two later that it had been changed to my name and address.

Beautiful designs and use

Sometimes I just want to keep the cards and frame them myself (shhhh). They are so well done and even the “imperfect” samples are good enough to send to my most loved ones. Thank you!! You are a genius and visionary. I will keep buying for sure.

Your journals are not only aesthetically pleasing, they’re also a joy to write on. I enjoy feeling the texture of the paper in my hand and how your pens glide across the pages. The visual and sensory experiences help inspire my creative process. Thank you for the care you put into crafting your products.

This is a quality pen with a sleek, elegant profile. It has become the “go-to” pen for all my writing needs.

We ordered several journals for our thought collective. Your products are artfully crafted with mindfulness and intention from conception to production, all the way though to customer delivery. Thank you for sharing your vision with the world.

Embrace Candle
Josephine G.
Literally the best candle

I adore the scent of this candle, I have purchased it many times both for my friends to send them an hug, and for me. I hope they never stop selling this candle because I haven’t been able to find this lovely scent anywhere else.

2023 Affirmation Calendar

Love my monthly sayings!

2023 Affirmation Calendar

This is my second year getting the Affirmation Calendar from Aya Paper Co. The calendar is beautiful and inspirational. It’s a great gift to self and others!

Addicted to these cards!

Amazing cards!!!

Everyone I give these to asks me where I got them from!! I loooove aya paper co. Highly recommend! And always makes people i give them to feel very loved <3


I received this card and felt so special that I had to buy it for another friend on her birthday. It’s so special and so sweet

Literally An Embrace

Love this candle! My friend was burning it when I visited and had to get my own. Very warm and comforting smell. It smells like what it feels like to be at your grandma's house when you're about to get a good meal. It has a strong scent and fills my whole apartment with ginger. 10/10 would recommend.

Chic & Meaningful.

From face value the packing is impeccable. As an astrology lover these cards were so satisfying. The design, the intentions the words brought to each sign, everything about this set is grand. Can’t wait to start handing a few out to my friends and family

Getting ready Saturday night for Sunday church

Oh, how I love this card. This represents every little black girl and her mom. The mother is getting that hair parted and done for either Sunday church, or for school. I parted and braided my daughters hair often, getting ready for church and school. This card needs to be framed, as a staple of the importance of taking care of a child's hair. Congrats on your unique card and accessory business. Each card makes me smile, lots of good memories. Thank you Connie in Erie, Pa.

Babywearing Card
Connie M.
Close to Mama

This card shows how much the woman in the picture keeping her baby close to her, by carrying her baby on her back. This card shows determination of the woman, and the baby feels confidence. I have ordered 2 of these unique cards. Plus this picture on the card reminds me of my daughter carrying my grandson on her back. Congrats on this wonderful business.
Connie in Erie,Pa.

2022 Affirmation Calendar
Simple reminder

Love having this simple and beautiful calendar giving a strong affirmation every morning as I pour my coffee.

Says It all

A card that says it all in just 2 words and a plus sign. I love it — and my husband will too. 💕

Fun Abstraction

Just a great abstract design — a fun card to send for birthdays or just as a card.

Great card

I love this birthday card and also love that Aya is committed to offering products that reflect sustainability and recycling.

Great multipurpose cards!

These cards are wonderful quality and work well as thank you cards, birthday, cards, or even just saying hi cards! even came with a handwritten note from the owner:)

Beautiful cards!

These beautiful birthday cards are great quality paper and envelopes and are a joy to give to others. I love how the artwork feels inclusive!

The perfect card

Brought this card for myself as decor/affirmations for my dresser, the message inside is perfect