Top 5 Steps to Start Journaling Today

Whether you're reading this during the pandemic or afterwards, it is always a great time to start journaling! It may seem a bit intimidating before you actually put pen to paper. But here is a simple 5-step process to get you started journaling today!

Find a Journal

You'll want to find the right notebook or journal for you. There are SO many different kinds of notebooks out there, ranging from fancy and decorative to simple, hardcover to paperback, and many more varieties. The important thing in choosing the journal for you is to find the one that makes you feel most comfortable writing and pouring out your thoughts and ideas. Think about it and imagine how it will feel, and figure out what is right for you. Aya Paper Co. has The Intention Journal and The Manifestation Journal, both designed to be your safe space for everything from setting goals to reflecting on life. Also remember, this is not the last journal you will ever write in — so try not to overthink picking one, and just give it a go!

Find Writing Utensils

Just as you want to feel right at home with your notebook, you want to find writing utensils that feel right to you as well. This whole process will encourage a lot of self-awareness because only you will know what is your best fit, and you might need to do some experimentation at first to figure it out. I personally like using colored fine pens. Purple is my favorite as of late, but pink and black are also in my rotation! Using different colors can affect your mood too. Sometimes I will use pink when I need a pick-me-up. Try different pens or pencils, and see what feels good to you.

Find a Spot

Next, you'll need to find a place where you will usually journal from. Is it an armchair by a window? Is it your bed at night or at the kitchen table in the morning?— I will talk about the timing of when you journal next— Your favorite seat on the couch maybe? See where you will feel most comfortable to write. Sometimes when you're traveling, a plush hotel lobby space can also be inspiring!

Find a Time

Here are some questions to ponder as you find your ideal time to journal: How do you want to use your journal? Do you want to use it to brainstorm and plan out your day? Or as a way to reflect and gather your thoughts? When do you feel the clearest in your day? Do you have a busy schedule and want to use your lunch break productively and squeeze it in? Once you find a time that works well for you, try to stick with it. The consistency will help you get increasingly comfortable with your new journaling routine!

Find a Word

Now that we've got the basics down, the next question is always, "But what do I write about?" You can always reflect on your day or a moment or something you find your mind frequently wandering to. But if you can’t decide, one of the simplest things to start with is One Word. Yes, just one word! You can choose a word that particularly resonates with you today. Maybe it is a word that you need to hear or keep in mind today. You can think of it as a 'Word of Affirmation.' You can write for 10 minutes on your thoughts on the word, how it makes you feel, and why you'd like to hold that word as a direction for you going throughout the day.


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