‘Just because’: SaVonne Anderson is building a successful stationery business by drawing on her experiences


Something about 'just because' cards powerfully represents the importance of checking-in on loved ones, even when there is no occasion to prompt it. We all love a birthday card, holiday card, or sympathy card, but the 'just because' card captures a feeling that inspired SaVonne Anderson to start Aya Paper Co. 

Gabrielle Saulsbery at NJBIZ spoke with our founder and creative director, SaVonne, about how she drew inspiration from her life experiences to shape Aya, and what her journey has entailed building this stationery business since 2019.

Tucked away in a secret place, SaVonne Anderson keeps a collection of handwritten notes given to her over the years. Some are ‘just because’ cards. Others are sympathy cards from when her mom died in 2008. Anderson was 13 years old.

“At that time, at such a young age, those were the things that comforted me – to read these messages from people that really cared about my mother and about me. That was the first time I really understood how impactful it can be to write a card for someone. And that stuck with me,” Anderson said.

The supportive community she had around her half a life ago is baked into the inspiration that became Aya Paper Co., a line of sustainable stationery she started in 2019 that will be available at Whole Foods and Nordstrom locations nationwide come October.


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