Designer Feature: Kheprisa Burrell

My name is Kheprisa Burrell, and I’m a Gemini Sun from New York, NY.

How would you describe your design style?

My art is intentional, and deviant. The way I make art stems from the enthusiasm of not knowing how it’ll look when it’s finished, but enjoying the creation of a piece along the way. 


We live in a structured, systemic and controlled world- I’m motivated by art to rupture that through design and inspire others to feel the same. 

How did you learn design?

I learned design during a deep depression I experienced in 2018. I like to say this art form found me, in a sense. I felt motivated enough during that time to teach myself photoshop and illustrator using Youtube tutorials. It’s been an adventure ever since!

What is your favorite product(s) you’ve designed for Aya?

Cards that illustrate sisterhood, femininity and celebration, so I’d have to say the ‘Happy Birthday Sis’ card and a few unreleased cards we have on the way.

What do you love most about Aya Paper Co?

I love that before design, or anything I’m able to contribute, Aya is a safe space for me to experience collaborating with black women. Being creative can sometimes be isolating, and challenging. Team Aya dispels all of those past experiences for me. Aya’s values truly show through everything we do, including our finished products.

Where can we see more of your work?

I’m currently revamping my personal art style, but my current works can be found at !

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