Aya x BHM: Black People Working in Sustainability

We're honored to celebrate Black History Month by highlighting black people who are making history in sustainability. Read about our 6 eco friendly change agents that are making their mark in the world with the Earth in mind. 

1. Addie Fisher

Writer and Sustainable Enthusiast

Addie is all about sustainable living and giving earth friendly advice for an eco conscious life. Her sustainable tips encourage us to start taking action by making intentional changes in our every day lives.

2. Aja Barber

Writer, Sustainable Fashion Stylist and Consultant

Merge conscious activism and fashion and you've got Aja Barber. Aja's knowledge inspires us to unlearn fashion consumerism extremes within our society and reroute our energy towards supporting communal designers and small businesses.

3. Rue Mapp

Environmental Writer, Speaker and CEO of Outdoor Afro

Connecting black people with nature is what Rue Mapp is passionate about and it shows. Her efforts in ensuring that black joy is uplifted and celebrated in nature are accomplished on national levels with her non-profit organization, Outdoor Afro.


4. Jerome Foster

White House Advisor and Climate Justice Activist

From protesting the inaction towards the climate crisis outside of the White House, to working towards climate reform within it, Jerome Foster is a leading example of what can be accomplished by taking buildable steps towards eco conscious progress.

5. Ron Finley

Designer and Guerilla Gardener

This rebel with a green thumb is true to his roots. Ron Finley's awareness of food deserts in his hometown of South Central LA has made him a champion in working to grow neighborhood gardens within his hometown and communities in need.

6. Ron Griswell

Outdoor Environmentalist Advocate and Founder

Inspired by landscapes and nature as a child, Ron Griswell has a gift for understanding the importance of inclusivity when experiencing the outdoors. His non-profit org, HBCU's Outside, is his way of sharing his dedication to the earth with black youth.

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