10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Black Men and Dads

One of the ways to show care, appreciation and love for the men in our community is by giving them intentional, thoughtful and relatable gifts that speak to them.

The number of gifts available are overwhelmingly large, and they're largely generic. If you're looking for a list of quality gift ideas for Black men and dads in your life, then continue reading. If you're not looking for a list, then you should start looking for one, so continue reading too.

Father's Day is in less than two weeks and we are getting ready, so this is the list you actually need right now. 

Here's a carefully curated list of 10 well thought out and personal gift ideas for the Black men in your life.


1. The Kinfolk Meditation Deck from Aya Paper Co ($18.99)

2. The King's Prize from Red Bay Coffee ($19.00)

3. The Wooden Beard Pick from Evan Alexander ($12.99)

4. The Intention Journal from Aya Paper Co ($20.00)

5. Afrofuturism from Bright Black Candles ($27.00)

6. The Levi Fisher Beard Bundle from Oyin Handmade ($39.99)

7. Greeting Cards from Aya Paper Co ($5.00)

8. Executive from AR Fragrances ($45.00)

9. The Marble Taper Holder from Souk Bohemian ($30.00)

10. Body Polish from Gilded Body ($48.00)  


Let's get started!

1. The Kinfolk Meditation Deck from Aya Paper Co ($18.99)

This deck was designed to be used by communities and families, but anyone can find purpose in these prompts, especially Black fathers who are the cornerstone of families. Each card has an illustration and a prompt to help guide a daily meditation practice that improves the quality of the entire day.

This deck is split up into three key themes: the self, the family, and the world. The meditation prompts are meant to promote a positive self-image, highlight the importance of connections with others, and foster a meaningful relationship with the environment.

This is simply perfect for Black men, not only because it’s a relatable gift, but also because it's inclusive and children can also be involved by having them pick cards with artwork they like best and describe what they see.

You can get this inclusive and versatile gift here.

2. The King's Prize from Red Bay Coffee ($19.00)

King’s Prize is a fruit-forward coffee with floral aromatics and a round pleasant sweetness. It provides a medium-bodied cup with a long sweet finish. It's a great gift for Black dads for a great start of the day. Place an order here.


3. The Wooden Beard Pick from Evan Alexander ($12.99)

This 100% red sandalwood beard picks are great for detangling the beard and reducing split ends. It's a great gift for Black men because it is handcrafted to be strong and get the job done, all while being beautifully designed and finished to the highest standards. Check it out here.

4. The Intention Journal from Aya Paper Co ($20.00)

100% recycled with crisp lines and a minimal design, this journal is the perfect gift for Black men to write down their intentions, or use as a daily journal. Choose between lined or unlined pages. You can place an order here.

5. Afrofuturism from Bright Black Candles ($27.00)

Inspired by trees from West Africa, South and East Africa and the Caribbean, this scent design embodies interconnectedness, nourishes the power of continued hopefulness and fortifies the notion that a dream is only utopian until you make it reality. It's the perfect gift for Black dads. Place an order here.

6. The Levi Fisher Beard Bundle from Oyin Handmade ($39.99)

This signature collection includes a beard wash, beard serum, beard balm, and 2-in-1 leave-in hydrating spray. You can choose one or both of the hydrating leave-ins. Smooth Operator is creamy and detangling, Go Tea is refreshing and hydrating. This beard set makes a great father's day gift for Black men. You can check it out here.

7. Greeting Cards from Aya Paper Co ($5.00)

This Father's Day card is fitting for all dads celebrating for the first time. The card exterior features an illustration of a father holding their baby in close by Maleah Taylor. Interior message reads: Wishing you a day full of joy as you celebrate the gift of Fatherhood! Order a copy here.

8. Executive from AR Fragrances ($45.00)

Executive is a light, fresh and breezy fragrance inspired by Chanel Blue de Chanel. It gives the experience a peppermint, lemon, and ginger scent at the first spritz. A heart of vetiver, pink pepper, and nutmeg gives this perfume the structure it needs to keep one enveloped in its aromas all day long. The sandalwood, incense, and cedarwood base notes will finish things off on a sweet note that can warm even the coldest day. It's a great gift for any Black man that loves a great scent. Check it out here.

9. The Marble Taper Holder from Souk Bohemian ($30.00)

This Marble Taper Holder is amazing for candle loving Black dads to add a touch of class and elegance to their space. You can get it here.

10. Body Polish from Gilded Body ($48)



Combining the velvety, mineral rich "champagne" of salts, French gray sea salt & Fleur De Sel de Guerande, and ultra moisturizing, antioxidant rich oils and butters for the ultimate exfoliating & sensory experience, this body scrub gently exfoliates dull surface cells for smooth, radiant skin & polishes with hand harvested salt crystals. It makes a great skincare gift for any Black men to relax and take care of their skin. You can place an order here.

And it's a wrap! 10 different thoughtful and relatable gifts for the Black men in your life.

Which one do you like the most?

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