10+ Beautiful Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Black Mothers


Mothers Day is around the corner and we are just as excited as you are. To many mothers around the world, this is the one day they feel seen, heard and appreciated for all the work they put into parenting.

Yes, mothers should be celebrated everyday, but let’s actually make them feel much more special on this day with special gifts for Black women by Black women.

This blog post is going to suggest thoughtful and affordable gift ideas you can share with the Black women in your life for Mothers Day - your wife, mother, sister, daughter, or even a friend.

Here’s the list of gift ideas, but you definitely want to read to the end!

  1. Kinfolk Deck: Affirmations, Meditations, And Conversation Prompts from Aya Paper Co
  2. The Cowrie Bangle Gold from Jam + Rico
  3. Home Sweet Home Wall Art from Aya Paper Co
  4. Treat Purse for Dog Moms from Cocoa & Onyx.
  5. Heal the Way Fragrance from Snif
  6. Kinfolk Mothers Day Bundle from Aya Paper Co
  7. The Novice Set 002 from Terra.Tory Skin Care
  8. The Bestseller Lotion Pack from Nyah Beauty.
  9. The Blossom and Bloom Blondie Box from Blondery 
  10. The Coffee Gift Bundle from Kahawa 1893
  11. The Tea Gift Box from Brooklyn Tea
  12. Wanderlust from Scarlett Blooms
  13. She Gives Joy from Brooklyn Blooms

    Let's just dive in!

    1. Kinfolk Deck: Affirmations, Meditations, And Conversation Prompts from Aya Paper Co - $18.99

    This deck was designed to be used by communities and families, but anyone can find purpose in these prompts, especially Black mothers who are the cornerstone of families. Each card has an illustration and a prompt to help guide a daily meditation practice that improves the quality of the entire day.

    This deck is split up into three key themes: the self, the family, and the world. The meditation prompts are meant to promote a positive self-image, highlight the importance of connections with others, and foster a meaningful relationship with the environment.

    This is simply perfect for Black mothers, not only because it’s a relatable gift, but also because it's inclusive and the children can also be involved by having them pick cards with artwork they like best and describe what they see.

    You can get this inclusive and versatile gift here.

    2. The Cowrie Bangle Gold from Jam + Rico - $58

    Jewelries are amazing gifts for mothers who often prioritize the needs of their children before theirs. This cowrie themed one is just perfect for Black mothers. 

    The Engraved Cowrie Shell Bangle is adjustable to fit any wrist which makes it perfect for any Black mother regardless of her size. Although designed in New York and made in India, it was inspired by memories of a grandma who was born and raised in Jamaica. 

    You can buy this stunning bangle here.

    3.Home Sweet Home Wall Art from Aya Paper Co - $20

    This wall art from Aya Paper Co is an artwork that illustrates a woman cozied up in an armchair surrounded by plants and is perfect for Mothers Day.

    Order this elegant frame here before it gets sold out.

    4.Treat Purse for Dog Moms from Cocoa & Onyx - $149

    This purse was handcrafted with the utmost care using genuine, high-quality leather. This is a must-have for dog owners who value quality and practicality, and you can be the one to gift a dog mom this for Mothers Day.

    Order this exquisite purse here.

    5. Heal the Way Fragrance from Snif - $65

    Designed by author and mindfulness teacher Alex Elle, Heal the Way is a gentle reminder to carve out moments for personal peace which many Black mothers don’t get to have with their busy schedule. 

    This fragrance as a Mothers Day gift serves as a subtle reminder for your wife, friend or sister who is a mother to have some personal time and enjoy it too.

    Check this fragrance out here.

    6. Kinfolk Mother’s Day Bundle from Aya Paper Co - $30

    Celebrate the special Black mom in your life with this Kinfolk Mother's Day Gift Bundle, thoughtfully curated to embrace self-care and well-being. This package includes the Kinfolk Deck, Kinfolk Tea, customized card and handwritten note.

    You can get this subsidized bundle here for just $30.

    7. The Novice Set 002 from Terra.Tory Skin Care - $75

    You need to fill your cup before pouring out for everyone else, but mothers often skip that. This skin care set from Terra.Tory is the perfect reminder for black mothers to take care of themselves too. 

    The Novice Set 002 is a full-spectrum shower upgrade to nourish and restore the body care routine, and it contains an exfoliating brush, soap and body butter. It is a great gift for any Black mother and will definitely make her feel special

    You can get this hydrating skincare set here.

    8. The Bestseller Lotion Pack from Nyah Beauty - $60

    These hydrating and moisturizing body lotions are amazing gift ideas for any Black mother out there. The set includes the Cashmere Rose, Black Amber Linen and Toasted Coconut lotions.

    You can buy this set of three different lotions here.

    9. The Blossom and Bloom Blondie Box from Blondery - $90

    This limited edition collection of Blondies is specially curated for the most important women in our lives - the mothers! This is why it is an intentional and thoughtful gift for Mothers Day.

    Whether it's your mom, aunt, sister, wife, dog mom, grandma, or any other maternal figure, this Blondie box is the perfect way to show them just how much you care.

    You can order this box of goodies here.

    10. The Coffee Gift Bundle from Kahawa 1893 - $45

    This ‘pick three’ bundle of African coffee gives you the opportunity to choose three different coffee blends from Kahawa for that special woman on mothers Day.  You can choose from the Safari, Serengeti, Kenyan and Ethiopian blends.

    You can buy this set of refreshing coffee here.

    11. The Tea Gift Box from Brooklyn Tea - $29.99

    This tea gift box consists of four of Brooklyn Tea’s premium loose leaf tea pouches and a stainless steel infuser, all wrapped up in a luxurious gift box. It is perfect for tea lovers for Mothers Day and has many health benefits such as fat loss and improvement of brain function.

    Order this for your wife or mum here.

    12. Wanderlust from Scarlett Blooms - $99.99

    This stunning bouquet is full of heartwarming seasonal blooms. Flowers are amazing gifts for all occasions including Mothers Day and you can get these here.

    13. She Gives Joy from Brooklyn Blooms - from $50

    Gift the Black woman who has brought you JOY throughout your life with this bold yet playful bouquet for this Mother's Day. Created using funky blooms like spider gerbera daisies, seasonal peonies, striking purple iris, frilly ranunculus, and other unique textured blooms for the loved lady in your life! 

    You can get this bundle of joy here.

    And it’s a wrap! More than ten amazing and affordable gift ideas for the women in your life on Mothers Day. 

    Before you go, do you want to pair your gift with a heartfelt note?

    Then check our customizable Mothers Day greeting cards here to get started.


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